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     The Beach House

        Peg & I are looking forward to taking lots of naps on our new porch this summer. LOL.

In the past, here at the beach, we have bought five old wrecks and fixed them up. With each home, we have managed to get closer to the water. We lived in each of our homes for 2-5 years, as our principal residence and then sold each to refurbish another. 

The neighborhood called this one The Crack Motel, it is now our home. We are finally tired of moving !!! God willing, this house will be the last flip and move. Our new home assuredly is close enough to the water and beach.

Flipping houses has truly been a fun addiction / hobby for me that has given us much joy and we made some money. Peg still loves to decorate. The next homes we refurbish will only be fix & flips, for an other family to enjoy

If you would like to be part of future flippings, let me know. We are retired now and live in Wareham full time. I would like to continue flipping homes and am looking for investors. Is that you ?

We are almost & never finished the inside & out side of our home, this 1st page shows you the now. The progress pages shows you all the now's it took to get here. What a wild ride it is, time for a nap. 
The Restoration Of Our New Home

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Living Room
Bed Room
Winter Views
Summer Time